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We hope you will look over our inventory. We have a large selection of new and used guns, ammunition, and accessories.We do not post our prices for a variety of reasons. We don't want to tip off the competition to our VERY competitive pricing, prices may vary due to availability, etc., and shipping can affect the price. If you find an item in our inventory that you are curious about,we are always happy to respond with a price in a very timely manner. If necessary, we will even e-mail you photos of the item in question. Just give us a call or e-mail us!!


We also offer gunsmithing services.


Your questions and comments are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us with your needs. We want to be THE gunshop you want to come to either from your computer or in person.


If you are in the area, stop in and say hello. We look forward to meeting you!


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